August 17, 2012
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Islam Rising - A Call To One World Domination & Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist
Islam Rising - A Call To One World Domination DVD - Are you ready for a world dominated by Islamic law? That is the message being proclaimed in various conference locations around the world. Conferences have already taken place in the UK, Indonesia, The Netherlands, Australia and more recently the US. The recent conference in Illinois during the month of June was a wake up call to many that the current revolutions in the Arab world are viewed by some as an opportunity for Islamic Revival on a global scale - just look at Egyptian election results and Islamic control of the Syrian uprising. As increasing calls for Islamic revival and revolution ring out across the globe we thought it timely to take an in-depth look at the teachings of Islam and what it means for us as Christians and non-Muslims in general. This DVD is three years in the making and who better to warn us of what to expect from Islam than former practicing Muslims (and terrorists) who are now Christians. Islam Rising: A Call To One World Domination is a fast moving presentation that powerfully unravels the complexity of Islam as not only a growing political force, but an overall, engulfing legal, economic, military, dietary, social and religious system of life.
Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist (Hardcover Book) - Events taking place in the Middle East are not about Democracy, they are about re-establishing the Islamic Caliphate (a revived Islamic Empire). Is it possible this revival of Islam and it's desire to destroy Israel is a direct fulfillment of Bible Prophecy? Does the Bible inform us as to where this sudden and drastic change in the Muslim world is heading? Author Joel Richardson challenges us to examine many of the traditional views most end time students have towards a European Antichrist and to dig into the scriptural evidence for an Islamic Antichrist. Many may ask why it even matters if the Antichrist will emerge from Europe or the Middle East, whether he will be a humanist or a Muslim. If, in fact, Islam is the religion of the Antichrist, the significance is earth-shattering and current events may be setting the stage for prophetic fulfillment faster than anyone might have anticipated. Richardson argues that the Bible emphatically and repeatedly points us to the Middle East as the launchpad and epicenter of the emerging empire of the Antichrist and his religion. Given that Muslim fervor and expectations of the coming of al-Mahdi are at an all-time high it is important for Christians to understand the shocking similarities and antiparallels regarding Christian & Islamic end time beliefs. Biblical descriptions regarding the coming of Jesus bear many striking resemblances to the coming Antichrist of Islam, whom Muslims refer to as the al-maseehtal-dajjaal (the counterfeit Messiah). However, the Bible’s Antichrist bears numerous striking commonalities with the primary messiah figure of Islam, who Muslims call the Mahdi. In other words, our Messiah is their antichrist and our Antichrist is their messiah. Such a scenario sets the stage for an ultimate clash between the two largest religions in the world. With Islam becoming the dominant religion of the world it is time for Christians to re-examine their understanding of Islam's role in prophecy and the potential for an Islamic Antichrist about to arise on the world stage.
Prophecy News Headlines
Where Is The US In Bible Prophecy?
U.S. Government's Foreign Debt Hits Record $5.29 Trillion The money the U.S. government owes to foreign entities rose to a record $5.2923 trillion in June, according to data released by the U.S. Treasury Wednesday afternoon ...  Click here for full story
Where Is The US In Bible Prophecy?
More Americans Identifying As Atheist The number of atheists in America is on the rise while those with more religious beliefs is declining, according to a new Gallup International poll ....  Click here for full story
Israel- God's Timepiece
Obama Administration "Caused Serious Damage to Israel's Deterrence Toward Iran" Its message was clear: You better sit tight, the Iranian issue is out of your league. Dempsey's statement, thus caused serious damage to Israel's deterrence toward Iran, since leaders in Tehran now understand that Israel lacks the real possibility to disrupt their plans. ....  Click here for full story
Israel- God's Timepiece
Egypt Considering Violating Peace Treaty with Israel Egypt’s Islamist President Mohammed Morsi is studying the possibility of keeping tanks in the Sinai Peninsula on a permanent basis, according to a senior Egyptian military official who spoke to KleinOnline. The military buildup would violate a key provision of peace accords signed with Israel in 1979 ....  Click here for full story
Christian Worldviews/Issues
A Shooting and The Stunning Media Silence Yesterday, a gunman opened fire at the conservative Family Research Council, an organization dedicated to standing up for traditional values, particularly with regard to marriage. The gunman was posing as an intern; only an alert security guard stopped the suspect from committing mass homicide, in all likelihood... Click here for full story
Increase in Knowledge/New Technologies
Pentagon Developing Autonomous Humanoid Robots That Can Act Intelligently Without Supervision The Department of Defense has awarded a lucrative contract to an engineering and robotics design company to develop and build humanoid robots that can act intelligently without supervision ...  Click here for full story
Other Events To Watch
Syria’s Neighbors Braced For Chemical Threat The US and its allies are discussing a worst-case scenario that could require up to 60,000 ground troops to go into Syria to secure chemical and biological weapons sites following the fall of the Assad government, an unnamed American source said Thursday night, Aug.16 ...  Click here for full story  
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