Wednesday, 20 April 2011


President Barack Obama is backing Al Qaeda in Libya, according to the controversial but ever popular American preacher and author, Pastor Lindsey Williams.
He tells us to pay attention to what is happening in the Middle East (as if we did not already)!
He says first of all it was Egypt, the next will be Libya, then Syria and that we are also close to a conflict with Saudi Arabia, as well.
His "buzz words" are the "Muslim Brotherhood", for he says that one nation after the other is being turned over in the Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood, where they will establish Sharia Law.
He says that Egypt will fall to the Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming elections. The same will happen in Libya, he predicts. Then Syria will fall in identical fashion.
Last of all, he says, Saudi Arabia will follow suit!
All of the Arab Monarchies will be overthrown, one after the other, as the New World Order begins to come to fruition. 
As a consequence, crude oil will rise to $200 per barrel initially, and even then will rise further to around $300, to start fresh riots, which the NWO need to address, and ultimately take control.
Gold, he says, will go to $3000 and silver $300 an ounce because the "elite", in order to have a new world currency, have to back it with gold and silver.
Do not dare sell your gold and silver, says Pastor Williams, for you have not seen anything yet!!
He also states that Hillary Clinton has met with the Muslim Brotherhood and arranged that every country toppled by the New World Order under the guise of humanitarian compassion will be handed over to them to control according to the controversial Pastor. 
The last country to fall will be Saudi Arabia and with the continual conflict up to that point pushing oil prices to $200 a barrel the middle classes will be further impoverished.
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It has been heart-warming to see the "Mail On Sunday" (initially) followed by the national TV news stations defending the rights of a 64 year old grandfather, and former soldier, to display a Christian cross on the dashboard on his company van.

Colin Atkinson, is a qualified electrician who has worked for the Wakefield and District Housing (WDH) for over fifteen years, with an unblemished record. Now, the company are threatening to sack him for refusing to remove the cross from the company vehicle!

He has displayed the cross for all of the time in his employment with the WDH, but because of one small anonymous letter of complaint, he has been asked to take it off display. Somehow it NOW "breaches" company rules, but NOT in the previous fifteen years!

Colin is standing up for Christian faith in this dark and dismal area of political correctness gone mad, and he is willing to lose his job over it, knowing that if he is dismissed for disciplinary grounds, he will lose his right to financial compensation. And at 64, he will also find it difficult to get another job.

Colin is quoted as saying, "The treatment of Christians in this country is becoming diabolical.....but I will stand up for my faith".

His union is supporting Colin, as is the Christian Legal Centre, plus many  friends and colleagues, some of whom have no religious beliefs at all, and some of whom are Muslims and Sikhs.

His boss, Mr Denis Doody is a committed Communist, however, and he is allowed to adorn "his company office" with pictures of Che Guevara, and many quotes by the Marxist guerrilla leader, such is the hypocrisy of WDH. 

Another spokeswoman for the company, Jayne O'Connell, the Equality and Diversity Manager, said that they would allow a Muslim woman to work there wearing the full BURKA and veil, but poor old Colin is not allowed to display a simple eight inch hand-made cross of palm leaves!

This is just the latest of many cases where committed Christians have been persecuted for wearing Christian jewellery, crosses and other emblems; hoteliers are taken to court for refusing beds to homosexual couples; street preachers are arrested for criticising sodomy; and all sorts of mayhem follow if you dare to criticise Mohammad or the Koran.

At least on this occasion the Mail on Sunday, and the national television news are supporting the Christian involved. This is becoming more and more rare, however, in these depressive days of anti-Christian and anti-Semetic attacks.

We need to hold fast and pray. The Bible warns us that we will be persecuted for our faith in these latter days of the Lord's end time programme. But take heart, and look up, for our redemption draws ever nearer!

Neville Stephens (19th April).



As a lovely follow-up to the above article, just before Good Friday the Wakefield and District Housing bowed to enormous pressure from just about every angle possible.
Colin was re-instated to his job, after a period of "gardening leave", the threat of being sacked was lifted, he is allowed to display the cross in his van, but there are several conditions imposed on his re-instatement!

He has been "gagged" by the WDH, and he is not allowed to comment on the situation, and neither is his Union or other represenatives who attended the disciplinary hearing. Failure to do so will bring back into play, the threat of further punitive actions.

It is certainly a victory for our Christian position, and the right to display emblems and jewellery advertising our faith in the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. But it is also very sad that Colin and his wife suffered health problems as they fought their case, and the WDH only retreated after enormous pressure from employees, friends, colleagues, Christian organisations, other faith organisations, politicians, union representation, and other sources.

And even now, Colin and his Union are not allowed to talk about it.
We give thanks to God for this victory, but we are still very sad that Christians are becoming more and more persecuted for standing up for their faith in these latter times.

Neville Stephens (23rd April).


Wednesday, 13 April 2011


The KJV of the Bible states, "Come and let us cut them off from being a nation, that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance" regarding the confederacy of nations surrounding the Jewish homeland.

Nearly three thousand years later, and the rhetoric is still the same, as the modern enemies of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, and Ahmadinejad of Iran bellow out similar sentiments on a regular basis.

Consider the fact that all of the following nations we will be listing from Psalm 83, which are prophesied to be defeated, are all Islamic nations whether they be Sunnis, Shias, or Wahhabis. The Koran is the spiritual foundation on which they stand, and as this rejects both Jesus as the Messiah, and Israel as the chosen people of Jehovah, they will have to pay serious consequences!

The ancient peoples of Edom and Amalek resided in the areas of what is presently known as Southern Jordan, and the lower region of the Gaza strip.

The Ishmaelites were located in the Northern region of modern day Arabia, and the area surrounding the modern Arab Emirates. Ammon was an ancient nation located east of the Jordan River, near Gilead and the Dead Sea in Jordan. Moab is also part of modern day Jordan.

The Hagarenes find their roots through their mother who was Hagar, Abraham's maidservant from Egypt, who conceived Ishmael. Also perhaps the area of Sudan might be included here, when considering its ancient affiliation with Egypt.

Gebal and Tyre are Lebanon. The modern day Philistines would find their assimilation in the stretch of land known as Gaza,  which Israel gave back to them in 2005.

Assur and the children of Lot are Iraq, along with Jordan, joined in a special relationship according to this prophecy.

The name of Asssur must also include modern day Syria. This fact is supported by numerous other passages of Scripture. Assur, or Assyria, was the powerful ancient world power formed by the uniting of Babylon (Iraq) and Syria. Both of these nations were bitter enemies up until the Persian Gulf War in 1990. Today this is no longer true, and they join in unison with Iran as declaring themselves sworn enemies of Israel.

We need to pray for these deceived people of Psalm 83, who are willing to plunge headfirst into a firestorm of the fury of the Almighty. They will not survive. They will be comprehensively defeated.

It is very interesting to note that these enemies of Israel listed in Psalm 83 are nowhere to be seen when it comes to the Gog and Magog War of Ezekiel 38 and 39. Why, you may ask? Because, in all probability, they will not exist as a war-machine, such will be there catastrophic defeat, and they will have no armies to supplement the Ezekiel invasion from the North.

The prophecy of Isaiah 17:1 is still to be fulfilled where Syria's capital city Damascus is totally destroyed, and this too will probably take place in this up-coming battle of Psalm 83.

The Middle East is a powder keg at the moment, with peace on a knife edge. The Islamic countries which surround Israel want them wiped off the face of the earth. Even Egypt, one of Israel's few friends, is in danger of falling to the Muslim Brotherhood following the recent uprising. Another former friend, Turkey to the north, has also now abandoned Israel.

There are so many uprisings, riots, wars, rumours of wars, major conflicts in the Middle East at the moment, that the powder keg could very soon explode into violent action. If this is the case, read Psalm 83 again and take heart. Israel will not be destroyed, for Jehovah God is with them, and this tiny little state in the heart of the former land of Palestine formed in May 1948, will not leave the maps of the world again.

This is the land where Jesus will return to at His Second Advent. It will not be Rome, London or New York. The Bible is quite explicit about this. It will be the Mount of Olives, in Jerusalem, in Israel. World events are moving at a rapid pace these days. If these events are getting closer and closer on the horizon, how soon will be the Rapture of the Church to the heavenly places to be the Bride of Christ?

Neville Stephens.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


The leaders of Iran are pushing the idea of a coming Islamic saviour...the Mahdi, the 12th Imam.

Amadinejahd the President of Iran believes the Mahdi's coming is imminent and as a result the government of Iran are promoting a movie urging Muslims, both Sunni and Shiite to expect his coming at any moment. They believe the current unrest in the Middle East is a precursor to the Mahdi's appearance.

Take a look at the following link, and  the frightening video released by the Iranian leaders. It will make you sit up and take notice:

The Bible teaches the coming of a false messiah the anti-Christ) and a false prophet who will rule for 7 years before being destroyed at the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. See how closely the Islamic movie parallels the Christian expectations.

Neville Stephens.