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Babylon, New World Order, End Time Beast - Massive Eye Opening Development!

Iran Launched 32 Missiles at Israel in May According To An Israel Air Force Commander!!

Iran Launched 32 Missiles at Israel in May: Israel Air Force Commander

The IDF originally said that Iran fired 20 missiles
“See, the guardian of Yisrael neither slumbers nor sleeps!” (Psalms 121:4)

Iranian Commander Threatens Pompeo with a ‘Strong Punch to Mouth’!!

Israel Hosts 20 Air Force Chiefs from Around World! CLICK for Latest from Israel!
United with IsraelIsrael's 'Ultimate Survivor' Beat Nazis, Won Olympic Gold! Palestinians’ Real Enemy; Gazan Sets Himself on Fire; Pompeo Lays Down Law with Iran; Palestinians Shoot at Israelis 
Iranian Commander Threatens Pompeo with a ‘Strong Punch to Mouth’
Palestinian Mob Assaults US Convoy in Bethlehem Area
WATCH: How Israel’s ‘Ultimate Survivor’ Beat the Nazis, Won Olympic Gold

Iran Threat Leads Israeli Security Cabinet to Meet in Underground Bunker!!

World Israel News
Iran Threat Leads Israeli Security Cabinet to Meet in Underground Bunker
IDF Bombs Hamas Target in Response to Cross-border Incident
WATCH: ‘We’re with the People of Iran,’ US VP Pence Asserts

Millions Missing: Who’s to Blame?

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Watch Out For Erdogan And His "King Of The North" Turkey - As He Seeks To Orchestrate A Caliphate In The Making!!

Erdogan's Turkey: A Caliphate In The Making?
Erdogan will continue to vilify Israel in order to enhance his image among the Arabs as a great Muslim leader in his unrelenting march to the caliphate.
Shifting Sands - Democratic Party Turns On Israel
A recent Pew Research Center survey found that only 27 percent of Democrats sympathize with Israel over the situation regarding the Palestinians, compared to a whopping 79 percent of Republicans.

The Rise Of ALICE: Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed Americans
You know all those reports about how lots of Americans can’t afford a $1000 surprise expense like a medical bill or a car repair? Well, forget additional expenses. It turns out that nearly half of the families in America are struggling to pay for food and rent.

Israel Becomes First Nation To Use The US-Made F-35 Fighter Jet In Combat!!

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Israel Becomes First Nation To Use The US-Made F-35 Fighter Jet In Combat

by Geoffrey Grider

Israel has struck targets in the Middle East with the F-35 Adir stealth fighter jet twice, Israel Air Force Commander Maj.-Gen. Amikam Norkin said Tuesday, becoming the first country to use the US-made jet in combat.

“We are flying the F-35 all over the Middle East. It had become part of our operational capabilities. We are the first to attack using the F-35 in the Middle East and have already attacked twice on different fronts,” he said during the IAF Senior Air Force Conference in Herzilya.
Norkin made the comments while showing a picture of one Israeli F-35 flying over the Lebanese capital of Beirut during the day. He did not mention when the picture was taken.
Israel declared initial operational capability of the world’s most advanced jet in December after receiving nine F-35s.  The Air Force is expected to receive a total of 50 planes to make two full squadrons by 2024.
With an extremely low radar signature, the F-35 is able to operate undetected deep inside enemy territory such as Iran as well as evade advanced missile defense systems like the advanced Russian-made S-300 missile defense system which Tehran announced in March had become operational.
Israel is also said to be still considering acquiring F-35B Lightning II short takeoff/vertical landing jets. According to Lockheed Martin, the B variant “is designed to operate from austere bases and a range of air-capable ships near frontline combat zones. It can also take off and land conventionally from longer runways on major bases.”
This could be crucial in times of war when air force bases - and particularly runways - run the risk of being targeted by enemy missiles and rockets.
Current US Department of Defense plans state that Washington will acquire a total of 2,456 F-35s from the United States Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy. According to Lockheed Martin, over 280 F-35 aircraft have been delivered and are operating from 15 bases around the globe with over 580 pilots and 5,600 maintainers who have been trained on the aircraft whose fleet has surpassed more than 130,000 cumulative flight hours. source

Pope Francis Tells Chilean Man Who Was Raped By Catholic Priest That ‘It’s OK To Be Gay’ In Private Vatican Meeting!!

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Pope Francis Tells Chilean Man Who Was Raped By Catholic Priest That ‘It’s OK To Be Gay’ In Private Vatican Meeting

by Geoffrey Grider


Pope Francis tells man who was sexually assaulted by Catholic priest that 'God loves gay people and it is fine to be homosexual' in closed-door meeting with Juan Carlos Cruz in the Vatican

"For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet." Romans 1:26,27 (KJV)
EDITOR'S NOTE: Hoo boy, where oh where do I even start with this story? In the 1980's in Chile, Juan Carlos Cruz was repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted by his Catholic priest  the Rev. Fernando Karadima. Cruz was by far not the only victim of the pedophile priests at the parish of El Bosque in Santiago, and the assaults were covered up by Bishop Juan Barros, who witnessed it all. Flash-forward to 2015 when Cruz writes a letter to the pope, begging for help, and the pope does nothing. In fact, when asked about it on his trip to Chile back in February, Pope Francis denied ever receiving such a letter, and when an uproar resulted from the Chilean victims,  Francis was forced to confess that 'grave errors' were made by the Vatican. Hmm...but it amazingly doesn't end there. Flash-forward to May 2018, and the Catholic priest rape victim who became homosexual after being raped, had a private meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican where Francis told him that 'being gay is OK', and that 'God made you that way'. These are the words of a man who claims to be the 'vicar of Christ', who believes he sits in the place of God on this Earth, according to the official Catholic catechism
The Pope made the remarks, which went significantly beyond his previous tolerance for homosexuality, during a meeting three weeks ago with a Chilean man who had been sexually abused by Catholic priests.
Pope Francis offered a heartfelt apology to Juan Carlos Cruz, who was a victim of Chile’s most notorious abusive priest, Fernando Karadima.  Mr Cruz, who is gay, said the conversation moved on from the abuse crisis to the nature of homosexuality.
“He told me ‘Juan Carlos, that you are gay does not matter. God made you like that and he loves you like that and I do not care.
“The Pope loves you as you are, you have to be happy with who you are,’" Mr Cruz told El Pais, the Spanish newspaper.  The Pope’s words appeared to go further in terms of tolerance than remarks he made in 2013, when he said of homosexuals “Who am I to judge?”
Speaking to the Vatican press corps on his return to Rome from a trip to Brazil, he said gay people should not be marginalised but rather integrated into society. He was responding to questions about claims of an alleged "gay lobby" of clerics working in the heart of the Vatican.
"If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?" Pope Francis replied.
The Roman Catholic Church insists that while homosexual orientation is not sinful in itself, homosexual acts certainly are because they are “against natural law”. The Pope is not changing official Church teaching, but he is at least signalling a much more open and inclusive approach, which will upset many conservative Catholics.

The Vatican neither confirmed nor denied the comments that Francis reportedly made to Mr Cruz.

“This is not a shift in theological teaching or dogma,” said Robert Mickens, a Vatican expert and the editor of La Croix International, a Catholic publication.
“It was a pastoral response to an individual. The Pope always likes to deal with the individual.” The Pope elaborated on his ‘who am I to judge?’ comment in a recent book by an Italian expert on the Vatican.

Pope Francis accused the victims of the Chilean Catholic priests of 'slander' and refused to hear their complaints

The pontiff told him: "I was paraphrasing by heart the catechism of the Catholic Church where it says that these people should be treated with delicacy and not be marginalised."
He added: “Let us not forget that God loves all his creatures and we are destined to receive his infinite love."
Mr Cruz was one of three former sex abuse victims from Chile who came to Rome to receive an apology from Pope Francis for the years of abuse that they endured. The victims described clerical sexual abuse as “an epidemic that has destroyed thousands of lives.”
Pope Francis had initially been slow to realise the gravity of the crisis in Chile and even came to the defence of a controversial bishop linked to Father Karadima, the abusive priest.
But he performed an about-turn after Vatican investigators presented him with a 2,300-page dossier showing that sexual abuse of minors had been covered up in Chile for decades, in a pattern that has been repeated in many other countries, notably Ireland.
On Friday, Chile’s 34 bishops offered to resign en masse over the abuse scandal, an act without precedent in the history of the Catholic Church. source

Paraguay Follows Trump and Guatemala, Opens Embassy in Jerusalem.

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Paraguay Follows Trump and Guatemala, Opens Embassy in Jerusalem

Moving the embassy 'expresses the sincere friendship and brave solidarity between Paraguay and Israel'

IDF Spokesman Calls Out Media That Fell For Hamas Propaganda of ‘Peaceful Protests’

'Hamas called it a peaceful protest and much of the world simply fell for it,' the spokesman wrote in an op-ed

US Threatens ‘Strongest Sanctions in History’ Against Iran!!

IDF Slams World Media for Spreading Hamas Lies; CLICK for Latest Israel News!
World Israel News
US Threatens ‘Strongest Sanctions in History’ Against Iran
Netanyahu Praises Trump’s Tough Stance on Iran
Israeli Arabs March in Solidarity with Hamas ‘March of Return’

U.S. Army Surgeon General Says All Soldiers To Be Microchipped For Full-Time Monitoring And Information Culling!!

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U.S. Army Surgeon General Says All Soldiers To Be Microchipped For Full-Time Monitoring And Information Culling

by Geoffrey Grider


Soldiers may soon be carrying monitoring devices that can alert doctors thousands of miles away to medical emergencies and the need for treatment. The devices may even be implanted in soldiers and continuously monitor their status, the Army’s top doctor said in describing the near future of Army medicine.

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:" Revelation 13:16 (KJV)
EDITOR'S NOTE: When you join the military, you also sign on for just about anything they want to do with you and to you. Being deployed overseas? Then you better be OK with receiving injections of just about a dozen different 'vaccines' and who knows what else are in those syringes. Start chipping soldiers for full-time 'health monitoring', you won't have anything to say about that, either. The perfect captive audience for carrying out any type of experimentation you wish to conduct. Want to see nationwide chipping of all its citizens? The military is your sandbox to work all that out. 
“We should be monitoring all soldiers, all the time, looking for patterns of injury or other signs for early detection,” said Lt. Gen. Nadja West, the Army’s surgeon general, during a talk May 8 at the Association of the U.S. Army in Arlington, Virginia. “We can do better when every soldier is a sensor, and we can continuously monitor information culled from them.”

The monitors would send out streams of detailed data on a soldier’s health.

For example, a device could measure blood sugar levels and a doctor or nurse hundreds or thousands of miles away can check on a soldier’s diabetes and recommend treatment or calibrate insulin.
“There is an explosion of wearable and soon to be implantable peripheral monitors,” West said. “It completely revolutionizes how we can follow and impact a soldier’s health and a patient’s health.”
Soldiers face environments where the threat may be unknown, and such devices will make a difference, she said. U.S. diplomats in Havana, Cuba, became ill last year from a mysterious cause, possibly a type of sound wave, that remains unknown, she added as an example. Monitoring them and their environment could have led to early detection and potentially better understanding of what happened.
Commanders can use this kind of technology to decide who to send on the next mission, West said. “Just imagine a commander having that information, where that person is and how they’re doing,” she said.
The commander would see not just “are they deployable or not,” but their state of health. “If you had a pilot getting into a cockpit, wouldn’t you want to know if they’re sleepy or not?” West said. “If you have the tools to predict, it’s amazing what you can prevent. “
Monitoring devices are available now, and Army medicine is working through how to scale the capability and secure the information flow, she said.

The device is one of many innovations in medical care, which is changing dramatically, and the Army is changing with it, West said.

The realization that the military may no longer count on having the “golden hour” for treatment of illness or injury is driving the thinking on what is next in medical care. Troops will be forward deployed in units with a smaller footprint and often without the luxury of uncontested air space, West said.
The ambush and killings in October of four American soldiers in Niger bring to the forefront the danger troops face in remote locations.
“We might not have the life-saving golden hour evacuation system we’ve been accustomed to for the last 17 years. Our soldiers may be isolated for 72 hours or more, requiring prolonged field care when injured in an austere environment,” West said. “Our medics will be faced with doing more, with less, for longer. That means no easy access to emergency departments or operating suites or trauma surgeons. “
This the reality facing Army medics. This new environment requires significant changes in how medics and soldiers are trained and equipped, West said, and the changes are taking place now.
Command posts in the near future will have medical capabilities integrated within them, so patients can be monitored and calls made to a surgeon to recommend life-saving procedures. Robotic surgeries are another technology in development. It’s a question now of “how quickly we can scale it throughout our enterprise,” West said.
Such surgery has been tested at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, for example, with doctors there and a satellite hookup with soldiers in a remote area. Technology used around the world today allows surgeons to operate virtually, West said.
The Army has invested in its first virtual medical center at Brooke Army Medical Center, Texas, which she said will expand capacity and capabilities and save more lives. A change in mindset is needed now, West said, “one that opens our minds to completely new possibilities as to the how, when, where and by whom health care is delivered.” source

South Africa Sentences Christian Pastor To Jail For Saying What The Bible Says About Homosexuals!!

South Africa Sentences Christian Pastor To Jail For Saying What The Bible Says About Homosexuals

The Bible says that homosexuals are ‘worthy of death,’ and homosexuality is only one of four sins in the Old Testament which explicitly ‘cries out to Heaven for vengeance.’ Homosexuals also disproportionately abuse children at a higher rate than the rest of any population. A Christian pastor preached this in his church, and has been jailed. 

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Mysterious Explosions Destroy An Iranian Electronic Warfare Facility In Southern Damascus!!

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Mysterious Explosions Destroy An Iranian Electronic Warfare Facility In Southern Damascus

by Geoffrey Grider


Explosions rocked an area thought to house an Iranian facility near Damascus early Monday morning, according to a report in Sky News Arabia.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The 'immovable object' that is the nation of Israel under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu continues to go toe-to-toe with the 'irresistible force' that is the Iranian military presence in Syria, Hell-bent on creating beachheads from which to launch attacks on the Jewish people. The Syrian capital of Damascus continues to look like Berlin in 1945, with bombed out blocks as far as the eye can see.
There was no immediate confirmation of the explosion and it was not clear what may have caused the blasts, which came days after another mysterious explosion at a Syrian base. Sky News said locals reported hearing explosions in the area of Najjah, a neighborhood south of Damascus which houses a military academy.
There was no immediate word from Syria, which was said to be on the verge of pushing the last pockets of Islamic State resistance out of southern Damascus on Monday.  Israel has increasingly taken aim at Iranian facilities in southern Syria over recent months as it attempts to keep Tehran from gaining a military foothold on its doorstep.
The scenes from Yarmouk on Sunday looked like Stalingrad in 1942 or Berlin in 1945, during the Second World War: bombed-out buildings as far as the eye can see; roads turned to rubble; alleyways turned into canyons of destruction, gutted, gray and slumping from air strikes. There doesn’t appear to be anything left of many city blocks that were once a thriving community, the home of more than 200,000 people in 2011 when the Syrian civil war broke out. Now only a few thousand remain. Those who do are reported to be starving under the regime’s siege. source
The sorties, which Israel rarely admits to openly, have led to increased tensions in the border region and earlier this month sparked a barrage of 20 missiles at northern Israel, drawing a massive Israeli reprisal attack.

The explosions were reported after mysterious blasts tore through weapons and fuel depots on Friday at a military airport in Syria’s Hama province, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, killing at least 28 people.

Syrian state media reported the blasts at the time but did not provide any details, while the Observatory had said they were likely due to a technical malfunction.
However, the Sky News Arabia outlet reported that those explosions were caused by an attack on an advanced Iranian air defense system, despite it coming in the middle of the day, when Israel rarely carries out airstrikes.
After maintaining an official policy of refusing to comment on such strikes, the Israeli military earlier this month revealed that it had been conducting air raids against Iranian targets in Syria as part of a mission dubbed “Operation Chess.”
The purpose of 'Operation Chess' was to prevent Iran from carrying out reprisals for an Israeli airstrike against the Iranian-controlled T-4 air base in central Syria on April 9, which killed at least seven members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, including a senior officer responsible for its drone program.
Iran had also used the T-4 base to launch an attack drone carrying explosives into Israel in February, according to the Israel Defense Forces; the drone was shot down.
The IRGC’s al-Quds Force in southern Syria launched 20 rockets at northern Israel 10 days ago. Four of the rockets were intercepted by Israeli air defenses, the army said, and the rest fell short of the border.
In response, the Israeli Air Force conducted strikes against over 50 Iranian military targets in Syria and destroyed several Syrian air defense systems that had fired on Israeli jets, the army said.
Israeli officials have repeatedly stated that the Jewish state will not accept Iranian entrenchment in Syria and is prepared to take military action in order to prevent it. Last week, the Israeli army reportedly told senior ministers that it believes the current round of hostilities were over, but tensions in the north will persist, and that border incidents are still possible. source

"Muslim Leaders Summit Calls For Forces To Protect The Palestinians" And More Insightful Updates from The Cutting Edge Dr John McTernan!!

Updates from

John McTernan's Insights

Muslim leaders summit calls for forces to protect Palestinians

By John McTernan on May 21st 
I don't think the time is ready for the Muslim Jihad against Jerusalem. The civil war between the Shiites and Sunnis first must take place. The divide between them is so great that even Jerusalem is not enough to unify these two.
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At The Israel Border, Pointing Fingers At The Wrong Abuser
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"Iran-Israel Clashes: Why the Enemies of Israel Give It No Respite" And Much More From "Breaking Israel News"!!


Time to Start Crediting the Christians

By Tuly Weisz
On Monday, when Israelis and Jews around the world rejoice at this formal declaration by America of Jerusalem as Israel’s historic and eternal capital, Jews will not be able to take credit. The credit for the embassy’s move goes to Christian Zionists.

Iran-Israel Clashes: Why the Enemies of Israel Give It No Respite

By Dr. Michael Laitman
The people of Israel act as a central junction in the human network. If we try to connect positively above our differences, we let nature’s positive connective force flow through us into the entire human network. As a result, people start changing, albeit unconsciously.

Gazans are Victims of an Ideology of Hatred

By Ben-Dror Yemini
Instead of Singapore, we got Afghanistan. It happened primarily because the industry of hatred overpowered the industry of prosperity. Hamas took over the strip with shocking violence, which included mass executions. The cancellation of the crossing agreements led to a siege, which Israel never wanted. But that’s exactly what Hamas wanted.

The Palestinian Authority’s ‘Day of Rage’ Over The U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem Smacks of Desperation

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Abbas is caught among competing domestic interests and an American administration finally willing to shake up long-held positions. Abbas has become so desperate he is willing to go full, raving anti-Semite and anti-American at the same time.